Windows Vista PowerToy - TweakVI

Tweak Vista with TweakVI for Vista

There is a new tweaking Powertoy for Windows Vista users. Its called TweakVI. Best of all the basic version of this utility is completely free!

It seems once again a 3rd party has beat Microsoft to the punch by creating a PowerToy utility for Windows Vista only. Works on all Vista versions and on both 32bit and 64bit flavours.

The feature list of options and plug-ins to tweak is impressive such as IE and Firefox Tweaks, hacking the Start menu, putting an image on Internet Explorer's toolbar, changing how windows animate and optimizing your CPU's cache.
  • Activate hundreds of hidden Windows Vista settings
  • clean your registry
  • activate system and software restrictions
  • display detailed system information
  • create a 256 MB RAM drive
  • protect your privacy
  • clean your hard drive
  • manage TrueType fonts
  • improve your internet connection
  • optimize your CPU
  • optimize your RAM

Watch the review (click on the player below)

The tweaking utility allows you fine tune and optimize features to increase the speed of your Windows Vista system without going through a manual process like modifying the registry.
Here are some example screen shoots of options.

Click here and Download TweakVI - FREE
It has the ultimate collection of tweaks for Windows Vista - TweakVI for Windows Vista includes them all. Get the free 'Basic' edition now!

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