Windows Vista - Powertoys

Tweak Vista with TweakVI for Vista

Many windows users are used to the Tweakui goodies of PowerToys and utilities as such. It seems Windows Vista has been left out? Users are wondering where is the free tweaking utility for Vista? You might have gone to a 3rd party tweaking tool already, if you havent and are still waiting for Microsoft to release its official PowerToys for Vista, you can get some relief now.

New “unofficial” powertoy released

On Microsoft Technet there has been a new "unofficial" release of a PowerToy for Windows Vista
Once You Know, You Newegg
- Called Elevate Command PowerToy. Essentially it allows you to run as administrator programs and command prompts. This gives you the proper privileges in case you are getting UAC issues when running simple commands or accessing certain system files in Windows Vista.

Click here to download the PowerToy directly

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