Free Windows Cursors Themes - with CursorFX 2.0

If your tired of the default windows cursors, and your stuck back in the 90's. Time to get a facelift and get with the times with CursorFX v2.0.

StarDock has released a free Cursor Theme Management utility which takes it to the next level allowing you to do the following:

Cursors can be unlimited size
Fully anti-aliased cursors
Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors
Animations and scripts
Cursors with normal and pressed states
Full featured theme editor
Fully featured graphic control panel
Fully configurable soft shadow

So get ready to pimp your Windows XP or Vista system further with this free tool.

Get for free hundreds of cursor themes from that have been created by users for a cool new look. Import the packages of themed cursors into CursorFX and set it as your default.