Pimping your desktop the old fashion way - Wallpaper

Its time for a new look? or perhaps you just installed or received a new operating system and are stuck with ugly default wallpapers? No sweat, I have a few of my favorite locations on the net where you can quickly get hassle free ( no adds or popups) top notch desktop/laptop wallpaper in all sizes.

The first place is WallPaperStock.net , a terrific place to get all kids of desktop wallpaper for anyone, in both regular and widescreen sizes. Another site is Wallpaper9.com which has also a great little selection I havent found on other sites such as the Storm Trooper you see here.
If you are open to Artistic talent and fan art, check out the Digitalart.org where you can find an interesting selection of artwork ranging from movies, sci-fi and fantasy.

If your not the type to install Windows Blinds or other 3rd party eye candy software which may slow down your PC performance, then just changing your wallpaper is a great place to start, followed by customizing your desktop icons to match and make a theme of Once You Know, You Neweggyour own (Icons themes - will be my next post).

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