TOP iPhone Apps You Should Have Installed

If you havent hacked your iPhone yet, or are wondering is this all iPhone has to offer? Well today is your lucky day. Below is an essential set of iPhone applications you should have installed by now! First you need to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone. you might want to read my previous article or watch the video below. Basically you need an , it's the tool that allows you to install third party apps. When jailbreaking your phone, most programs also install aswell.

If you already have an unlocked iPhone and have the, take a look at the what the latest set of apps you can install. The main repository for installing these apps is located here.

Allows you to Backup and Restore states of different applications.

Wallpaper 2.x
Allows you to not only share wallpaper and download other peoples wallpapers, but also lets you comment on the set of shared wallpapers.

Kate (aka Caterpillar)
This application adds another section in your settings area, such as Calendar and Events/Todo List on the Sleep/Wake screen (the slide to unlock screen) and a facelift with a 5-icon dock with reflections.

This is the tookit that lets you change the icons to what you want. Don’t like the battery icon? Customize it. Don’t like the wifi/edge/power icons? Change them to your own.

Allows you to take screenshots. It adds a button to snap a photo that hovers above what ever application you are in, it also has a button to exit, that closes the hovering snap button. The huge bonus with Capture is that the buttons are movable

If you use Twitter, then you need this app. Twinkle uses your location to tweet with people around you with clickable links and follow people. What are you doing today?

If you are running out of space to install applications or need to reorganize your fonts and ringtons, this app will do the trick and allow you to move things around , but careful you dont move system apps.

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