iPod Touch / iPhone - Free Customize Toolkit

If you want to personalize your iPod Touch (or iPhone) further there is a Toolkit called appropriately "Customize version 2.0" which is free.

It allows you to many different tweaks such as:

- Toggle hiding applications.
- Ability to choose number of icons on the dock.
- Preset capabilities, which allow quick reordering
- Change icon images and backgrounds
- and much more

For details visit http://code.google.com/p/customize/

You can download the Customize Package here.

Download new system sounds for your iPod Touch (or iPhone) from here.

For custom images for your iPod Touch (or iPhone) from here.

Now that you have the tools, dont forget to protect the exterior from scratches. I bought a thin film that goes on my iPod like an invisible skin, you dont even notice it, and it keeps your brand new iPod looking shinny and new against unnecessary scratches and dents. Dont wait until its late. Its cheap to buy and you'll thank me for it later.

Get the protectors and deals on iPod Touch Accessories here.

Some suggestions (based on popularity)
Last thing I wanted to mention, if you want to create your own icons and images for your ipod, make sure that they are in the following image format, filename and size.

Dock Background Images

Width: 320px Height: 91px

Carrier Images

Width: Variable as needed Height: 20px

Notes: Save the image that will look good on a black background as mycarrier.png, and the one that looks good on white background as mycarrier-1.png. Use arial font for this graphic.

WiFi Images

Width: 20px Height: 20px

Notes: The WiFi image set consists of 8 images as follows:

Your File Name Description Intended Background Color
yourfile.png No Signal White
yourfile-1.png one "bar" White
yourfile-2.png two "bars" White
yourfile-3.png full "bars" White
yourfile-4.png No Signal Black
yourfile-5.png one "bar" Black
yourifle-6.png two "bars" Black
yourfile-7.png full "bars" Black

Badge Images
Width: 29px Height: 30px

Bar Dialer Image
See This Tutorial for information on how to create a custom keypad dialer.

Battery Images
Width: 264px Height: 129px

Notes: The battery image set
consists of 17 images, named yourname.png, yourname-1.png, ..., yourname-16.png. Because I think it would look better (you'll see) yourname.png is actually the 17th image, and all the other numbers correspond.

Sound Images
Width: 87px Height: 88px

Chat Balloons
Width: 43px Height: 32px

Slider Images
Width: 70px Height: 47px

Notes: The sound image set consists of four images whose names are described here:

yourname.png Ring Image
yourname-1.png Mute Image
yourname-2.png Silent Image
yourname-3.png Speaker Image

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