Tweaking your Video Settings for Performance - Part 3

For ATI, there is a Catalyst A.I option which determines the level of 'optimizations' the drivers enable in graphics applications such as games. Ensure the disabled option is not checked off and that the slider is set to "Advanced" mode.

- Mipmap Detail Level
For an ATI card set the slider at the midpoint closer to the performance option, then later adjust the mipmap/texture filtering/texture quality levels in your game video settings to minimize graphical anomalies.
For an Nvidia card the available options are None, Bilinear and Trilinear. Select Bilinear for a slight improvement at minimal performance cost, or set it to None.

- Vertical Refresh
For an ATI card Select "Off, Unless Application Specifies" - Vertical Sync will be off by default, however you can enable it for a specific game for example in its own video settings.
Similarly for Nvidia cards chose the option to "Disable Vsync"

- More Settings
In the ATI 3D settings section there is a "More Settings" category, select that and ensure that the "Support DXT texture formats" is checked off so its enabled for performance. Leave disabled the "Alternate Pixel Center" and enable "Triple Buffering" and leave "Force 24-bit Z-Buffer depth" unchecked.
Similarly in the Nvidia settings follow the example mentioned for the ATI settings which exist aswell in the 3D settings area.

You will see other settings and options, but I would not change them since they will not affect you regarding improving performance which is what this article is all about.

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