Vista Compatibility tool

Microsoft has launched the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment tool.
You can download the version 2.0 Beta version now. The assessment tool allows you to see how much effort it will take to migrate from your Windows XP hardware to Vista by testing the hardware and device-driver capability of PCs against the OS.

Microsoft claims that "Through use of the detailed inventory data, the tool will assess and report whether the computers can run Windows Vista, where to find drivers for devices on the computers, and provide recommendations for hardware upgrades, where appropriate."

One major issue with compatibility is not only drivers and software, but the video card hardware demand Vista requires if you want use the eye candy effects and the Aero look

To download the tool you will need a Windows Live or Passport log-on and register for using the tool.

If you are curious to see what are the features in each version of Windows Vista, I have listed them here for you. [ Feature List ]

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