AMD 8-Core FX 8320e 2015 Silent Gaming PC Build

The FX-8320E was sent to PCWizKid earlier this year for a silent low power gaming experience.  AMD released this chip late 2014 along with the FX-8370E as a pair of lower-powered 8-core CPUs for the more power-conscious consumer.  Being a lower power CPU, you dont need more than a 550Watt PSU to create a solid gaming PC, and that s exactly what PCWizKid has done.

The FX-8320E uses the AMD's Bulldozer processor technology and squeezes into a 95W TDP.   It utilizes a lower base clock, but retaining the same Turbo clock as their non-E FX borthers. As you can see from the cart below, the NEW FX-8320E is running at 3.2GHz as standard, with the ability to hit 4GHz as needed. The standard FX-8320's clockspeed sits some 300MHz higher at 3.5GHz, however, PCWizKid was able to overclock very nicely the FX-8320E to a massivly high 4.5Ghz stable without sacrificing much power and noise.  Also shown in the chart is the suggested AMD Graphics card to pair this system up with, the AMD R9 285.  Also, note that because of the lower TDP, these "E" processors are also more aimed at the 970 chipset motherboards. This is a chipset that uses fewer GPU lanes (one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, one PCIe 2.0 x4 slot) and is slightly cheaper than the 990FX range. PCWizKid will be using the R9 285 GPU and the MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard for our benchmarks as shown below.

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