AMD A10 6800K Unlocked APU First Look Review

Building on the strengths of the ‘Trinity” design, the 2013 AMD A-Series platform has been enhanced to meet and exceed the increasing demands of today’s consumers.

PCWizKid has the latest 2013 AMD A-Series platform for review, starting with the "Richland" design A10 6800K APU. This APU is an unlocked black edition processor with an upgraded graphics core engine. Also there are improvements for supporting DDR3 memory at 2133Mhz which PCwizKid will put to the test in our video review (see below).

While AMD has also released other favlours of the new "Richland" A-series APU's, our review today will focus on the top model specifically, the A10 6800K which runs at 4.1Ghz with Turbo enabled to go upto 4.4Ghz!

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