How to Transform your Windows PC into Mac OS X

The "Lion Transformation Pack" is a customization pack for Windows created by "windowsx" which I found on Deviant Art. It transforms your Windows XP, Vista or 7 into Mac OS X Lion interface and makes your Windows look-like Mac OS X Lion. Not sure why you would want to do this unless its for fun, or as a prank, but for PCWizKid, the Windows 7 interface is just fine, otherwise if I wanted a Mac, I would get one

However, like I said, there is the fun factor here of just being able to say that you can "Do it" and fool people that you have OS X installed on your AMD PC for example.

This new skin pack installs Mac OS X Lion theme, icons, login screen, sound schemes, mouse cursors, wallpapers, dock utility and a few 3rd party utilities to provide Mac OS X functionality in Windows.

NOTE: Be warned, that PCWizKid is not responsible for you doing this and any harm that may come out of it to your PC. You should always create a system restore point prior to doing these changes since it modifies system files significantly and undoing everything all back can really only be undone if you do a proper "System Restore" which has a snapshot of your system prior to you doing the OS X Lion transformation. You can then later do a system restore to bring back your system to what it was before. Also as good practice, always scan any program for viruses before you install it.

For the full article and download information for the transformation pack click here