SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander Review

Wish you could have a very large display area? Do you have 2 DVI monitors? Well your in luck! SAPPHIRE's Vid-2X is a compact stand-alone unit that allows two Full HD DVI monitors to be connected to a single Thunderbolt, DisplayPort or DualLink-DVI output of a laptop or desktop. The device is ideal for computing devices that cannot easily be expanded such as laptops and netbooks as well as for users that are restricted from opening their PCs by warranty or corporate rules – or simply don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Two models are offered - one with DisplayPort (Thunderbolt compatible) input and one with DualLink DVI input which PCWizKid will be reviewing.

Just plug in two HD monitors and a USB cable for power and enjoy the instant productivity gains that multi-monitor set ups offer. For classrooms or boardrooms, the Vid 2X can even mirror the same image on the two different monitors; ideal for learning environments and engaging presentations.