Intel Core i5 2500K CPU Overclocking Tutorial

Overclocking a CPU can be fun believe it or not. For PC enthusiasts and all those PC fans our there looking to get the most performance out of their CPU, PCWizKid has put together a tutorial to show you how you can "Overclock Smart" without danger to your CPU. First of all, picking the right CPU to overclock is crucial. Not all CPU's overclock the same, heck there are still even some CPU's today that hardly can be overclocked at all! But the new release of the Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge K series CPU's bring us all the goodness to be able to overclock with confidance to new hieghts. PCWizKid will be using the Intel Core i5 2500K in this example, it has a new 100 MHz baseclock which at most you will be able to squeeze 10% more performance out of it if your lucky. The other portion to overclock is the multipler which is the main option to overclock and is unlocked on the K series Sandy Bridge CPU's.

The other thing I wanted to point out is that in this tutorial I will not be using water/liquid CPU cooling since most people use AIR cooling techniques on average. So based on using AIR Cooling and with the objective on overclocking smart (not crazy) we will do the most efficient lowest voltage increase possible to maximize overall performance and output of the CPU without burning it out in the long run.