2011 Tech Predictions of PCWizKid

With technology advances that come in waves year after year, you never can be sure if its the right time to get that HDTV in LCD / LED or 3D, with PC's its very similar you buy a brand new graphics card for example and in 3 months another thats better is out!  So what are PCWizKid's predictions for 2011 to keep an eye out for?

Here are 10 tech predictions in no particular order:
  1. 4G dual core smartphones and touchpads will dominate and take over in popularity
  2. Blu-Ray media (including blank dual layer for burning) will price drop making Blu-Ray burners the choice of 2011 PC's
  3. CPU's from Intel and AMD will finally hit the standard 32nm architechture as a normal offering in their processors, which will be more energy efficient than ever before.
  4. CPU's with embedded GPU's (APU's) will become the standard offering for AMD
  5. Tablets , tablets and more tablets will flooding the market, but will we buy them? Nah...
  6. 3D-HDTV's wont pick up speed fast enough to become the standard yet even though the price of 3D glasses will come down dramatically.
  7. 4 Terabyte hard drives will be released making 2T Drives cheep for the standard for desktop PC's along with a SSD.
  8. PCI Express 3.0 will be released on motherboards, but will there be any component cards that you can buy? Not enough.
  9. USB and SATA 3.0 become standard in mothboards for devices such as external storage and USB drives.
  10. HD Video Streaming online will become a popular method of watching your movies and TV shows instead of watching your traditional TV.

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