Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review - First Look

Last month PCWizKid did an overview of the IE9 Preview which since made available earlier this year there has been over 2.5 million downloads mostly by web developers around the world who used it for testing. Today Microsoft officially releases to the public Internet Explorer 9 Beta. The near final version of IE9 contains user interface improvements making things more streamlined however there are much more anticipated updates that bring this release upto par with today's Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Main Featured Updates:
- Supports hardware-accelerated graphics. Utilizing a computer's graphics processing unit (GPU) to render complex visuals and video
- Support for the latest web standards HTML5, CSS 3 and SVG 1.1
- Now has a native JavaScript engine codenamed "Chakra" which can delegate processing to a computer's central processing unit

For those looking to download and install the IE9 Beta, the requirements are Windows 7 (all versions) or Windows Vista + SP2. All other older versions of Windows are not supported. To download it visit Microsoft's IE 9 site .

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review

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