Cyberpower Intel Core i7 875K / GTX465 - Gaming Rig Review

Every now and then PCWizKid's Tech Talk reviews a bundled PC, Laptop and Gadgets. Today we take a close look at Cyberpower's Intel Core i7 875K CPU Bundled PC made for performance and gaming. For many people the purchase of a quality gaming PC can be challenging and unfortunately a PC made by brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo or a Apple arent geared towards delivering a desktop computer that contains custom quality components that give top performance for a good price. This is where Cyberpower comes into play since they both manufacture and distribute Desktop PC's made to order and also pre-made bundles from which you can chose many terrific configurations of quality brand parts that use AMD or Intel, ATI or Nvidia chipsets. PCWizKid loves to build PC's from scratch with quality parts, and that's just what Cyberpower does on a large scale.

Of the many different desktop configurations Cyberpower has to offer, PCWizKid has been picked to Beta Test their latest Intel Core i7 configuration with the new 875K CPU which is water cooled and the new NVidia GTX465 by Palit in a Cooler Master 690 II Advanced Gaming Case with 4Gb DDR3 Patriot Sector 5 series memory. My first impression is that this is a midrange gaming performance PC setup, however its results can surprise you. To top things off this Cyberpower system comes with a 80GB Intel X25 SSD which has installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. So as you can see Cyberpower utilizes quality brand parts and high end components in their builds so you can ensure you aren't getting left behind.

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