Task Manager Processes - What is safe?

Windows Task Manager Process
Windows Task Manager Processes have been a mystery for many windows PC users who are trying to remove the plague of unnecessary programs running or virus , trojans and spyware.  PCWizkid has a list below of items which may help answer your questions on safety and if the program should be allowed to run or not.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and click on the “Processes” tab in the window that(pop up) appears . This will show you a list of all the programs that are running invisibly on your computer, quietly doing work in the background. Many of these processes are legitimate — they’re doing things like scanning for viruses, keeping you logged into desktop applications and other such things. On the other hand, some of them could be damaging your computer and spying on your activity.
However, please note that even viruses sometimes will try to mask themselves as proper process names to hide from view and elude you.

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