PCWizKid's Weekly Tech Talk - Answer Back Episode #12

Building a gaming rig can be a challenge if your not sure what to get for the games you plan to play or the application software you plan to use. There are several ways at approaching building your power house PC, you can work within a budget and stay within your limits or you can build according to the preferred system configuration the manufacturer of the games or software you use suggest. Otherwise if you want to make sure you can run anything and everything just build an Enthusiast PC. Below PCWizKid has setup by category from Mainstream to Extreme Gaming Rig configurations some recommendations for you to chose from and decide from there.

To makes things easy for you, PCWizKid has put together 3 main configurations to meet each budget and category and given it a approximate price for each. If money is not an issue then check out PCWizkid's Extreme Dream Machine at the bottom of the page.

Remember the pricing for each configuration is approximate and in USD* but will give you a good idea on what to get and what works well together. For the most recent pricing and hardware list click the links beside each hardware component below. Please note the prices do not include the LCD monitor, peripherals or the operating system, only the main PC parts for your build. Details here http://pcwizkidstechtalk.com/index.php/gaming-rig-hardware.html