Enabling Windows Vista Extras

You might have done a Windows Update in vista before and never touched the Windows Extras that are available for free! PCWizKid reviews today how to install Windows Vista Extra's , specifically the moving wallpaper which adds a dynamic flare to your desktop without much resources being used. First there are few requirements to enabling this. You must have Windows Aero enabled and the vista Ultimate Edition. However PCWizKid did find a hack that patches Vista Premium and Business Editions so that you can make use of this Windows Extra aswell.

Watch PCWizKid's detailed walkthrough on enabling this on your Vista PC

Video notes:

You can download a patch / hack from here, After you extract the ZIP file right click on InstallDreamScene.bat and select “Run as Administrator” to install Windows DreamScene on your non-Ultimate version of Vista. Answer “Y” to continue. You can also open elevated command prompt with administrator rights and type InstallDreamScene.bat to execute the batch script. Then Restart your computer.