Internet Explorer 8 RC1 vs Firefox 3.1 Beta

As the time for releasing the final cut of Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.1 gets closer, PCWizKid takes a closer look at the state of each of these browsers and how they stack up so far against each other. While trying to keep an objective and unbiased position when reviewing web browsers, I must admit Firefox is and always has been my preferred browser since the Netscape days. PCWizKid's browser experiences touched on Lynx, Internet Explorer 5 to 7, Safari and the new Google Chrome which was reviewed earlier.

So lets say that the review and comparison you are about to see is straight to the point, looking for what is available in each browser and asks can it "do the basics". The way I see is, if these browsers cannot deliver constantly and efficiently a basic web browsing experience then there is no point using it. After that then we can talk about who has the most features and add-ons sure, but there has never really been any contest there.

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