Microsoft Free Utility Migrates XP's Apps to Vista

Microsoft's Technet has a utility called "Windows Easy Transfer Companion" (WETC). It can copy key software programs from Windows XP to Windows Vista for those planning to migrate over and want to make sure that the apps still work.

Windows Vista contains a similar utility, however, this version runs both on the source Windows XP PC first by scanning you hard drive, gathering basic system information, and analyzing all installed software. You need to connect the Windows XP (Source PC) to the separate Windows Vista (Target PC) via network or a easy transfer USB cable.
The utility communicates with the Windows XP machine to display a list of all discovered applications which you select to be transferred (click picture below)
At the end, a status message tells you which programs were copied and whether errors occurred.
Here is a sample list of programs that have been transferred with all its settings successfully in the past using this utility:
Acrobat ReaderAdobe7, 7.0.5, 7.0.8
AOL Instant MessengerAOL5.9
AOL ToolbarAOL3
Avant BrowserAvant Force11
Cam Frog Video ChatCamshare3.72
TrillianCerulean Studios3.1
Google EarthGoogle3
Google TalkGoogle
Google ToolbarGoogle2.0.114,, 4
Windows Live Mail DesktopMicrosoft
FirefoxMozilla1.0.7, 1.0.6, 2
NetscapeNetscape7.2, 8.0.2, 8.0.4
Yahoo MessengerYahoo!7, 8.1
Call of DutyActivision2
Battlefield 2EA Games1
Star Wars BattlefrontLucas Arts2

Download the Utility directly from Microsoft here

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